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Monday, 9 April 2012

Rant on christians, and religious people in general.

For the devout Christians, who are becoming a slow thorn in my side and a severe migraine when i read you're posts, excuse me while i display and weigh my pantheistic and deist beliefs on the rest of you. After this, we can seriously cut short on the religious discussions for they have gone on long enough,and in a relatively linear direction.
1. God is an omniscient, all powerful, all knowing natural phenomenon, that has the ability to create the universe, galaxies, the solar systems in which we exist in, the suns that give the planets heat and light, the planets we ("we",  being life that exists) and everything else that holds it together.
2. It ("it", being GOD) was supposed to waste his time talking to you/helping you with whatever minute/mundane problems,or whatever else you complain about to it, invalidates our purpose for existing, as our purpose was not to whine and complain to him about mortal problems, we can probably solve on our OWN.
3. As we cannot have a sensible conversation with an ant, think about an all-powerful being like God, would probably view a primitive species like ourselves? You aren't that important, get over yourself
4. Stop with Referencing God, with every other disaster/war/situation/ HUMAN problem that has occurred. The problems we experience as a human race, have collectively happened before, and will happen again, until humanity learns to control it's primitive and borderline idiotic, chaotic and insane nature.
5. If God did have us in his favor, we lost it when we got our asses kicked out of eden, and when we killed his only son. Get over yourselves, our species has alot to learn, and in essence, we are still very stupid and have not changed much since then, (if that fairy tale is true)