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Sunday, 15 September 2013

subtlety is key.

The obnoxious blaring of the alarm clock that raises my consciousness out of the joyous oblivion that dream in, bringing me into reality to resume regimented activities that i've come to accept.  The digital clock displaying the time in blood red , an ever present reminder of the warning that my life ticks away.
Getting out of bed, knowing the responsibilities you are required to uphold, must be fulfilled. I begin rudimentary training and meditation in order to prepare for what is to come.
I enjoy where i live. The sounds of the multitude of wildlife, the leaves dancing in the wind the hawk flying near our house in the morning, the woodpecker tapping on the avocado tree,my whining pitbull who wishes to play. I'm lucky .A Wasteful minimalist , but lucky.
The stimuli provided by the ambiance and  riding keeps me sane.I leave the house in haste , pedaling as if  my legs were designed for that sole purpose.Paying attention un-ending need for the awareness of my environment,heart rate control, muscle tension on the bar as i only have one hand to hold onto it with. The demand for my personal input and total control of going wherever ,whenever and however i want to go.  the sound of the wind caressing my ears fills me with delight, indicating my  speed, raising my adrenaline and dopamine levels  the faster i go. I have an infinitely greater appreciation for life every-time i ride. I've been doing this for three years, and i have no intention of stopping now.
This euphoric sensation  lasts from my house, until i enter the city from the Savannah. I usually stop in the savanna and pick up as much trash to dump to and from home and school and dump it in the nearest bin.A futile effort as for every 3 pounds of trash i pick up, 5 more pounds take it's place when people come out to train in the afternoon. You do it anyway for your sake and theirs.
As i enter the city, its ambient sounds come into focus. Thousands of cars, commuting to converge in the city uncaring about his fellow commuters for their selfish desire to get to the destination they are late for,the low pitch "humming" of the city from air conditioners, generators, motors. All in low frequency. This crescendo of negativity that people gravitate towards has always perplexed me. Labeling this place as an area of opportunity and profitability, without realizing they behave like moths gravitating around  and towards a bonfire, or wolves in a pit following each other in a circle, hoping that one of them weakens enough for them to devour before they all starve to death .
Our ancestors, made communities and civilizations to get away from predators. Now, as we've become the apex of our world, man has created his own jungle, where he hunts himself for a prize nobody really wins., except the future. If they would share this sentiment, is and always will be in question.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

New game in development

Starting a new video game with  a new team consisting of my good friends Kezlon Sutherland, Shane Michael Layne, Himraj Bir, Brian Perry, Joel Salazar and Aggrey Marsh.
It will be our first time developing anything close to this scale and beyond the boarders of our lecturers assistance, however, we believe we have the capacity, resourcefulness and ingenuity to overcome the constraints of our inexperience.
We've begun using three SDK's unity,facebook and libGDX to implement onto two platforms: mobile and web browser (via facebook), while trying to ensure this project has a prototype variant by the end of december. Our public beta should be completed by August if all goes well.

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