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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Constructive things you can do with money spent on a carnival costume:

Disregard this if you are getting a carnival costume for free,otherwise, take a read.

1. Invest in a small company/kickstart a company that can do some good for the world with your accreditation to it.( I mean literal "this guy helped me do this, an actual huge project in which he helped successfully pulled off" by just investing money, goes an insanely longer way than being able to jump up and whine for two days ) Hell it'll make more money for you in the long run, so you can go whine and jump and drink your liver till it grows 50 times it's normal length, and you'll be able to pay it off because, well you rich.

2. Learn a new skill by paying for classes.A practical sub-skill that could compliment your skillset and you in the work place. Hell you can learn to sing or play an instrument for all i care. Do something that does not consist of specializing in fucking liming and football. Anyone can do that. Oh yeah, this point coincides with the first point, as learning about finance and investment will be paramount to do what 1st point suggested.

3. Fix your car.Better yet, sell it and buy an actual car that isn't 2nd hand or not foreign used.

4. Buy a new high end laptop that'll last you for 3-5 years if you take good care of it.

5. Buy a ticket and travel to another Country and learn something about another culture that you will NOT learn in Turnydad.(and no not Tobago this doesn't count EVER). There are 196 countries in the world, pick one that costs the price of the ticket. Hell if an American can back pack travel the world with only $100 US, $5,000 TT should make you balling all over the goddamn world TWICE.

6. pay off a flat electricity,water,internet and cellphone bill for 3 Months

7. Buy fixed assets like tables, fridges,chairs,sofa's which you can store in the house you are currently living ( or your families) to use if/when you buy/obtain a house from HCL.

8. Buy a small pool/Jacuzzi/kick ass bathtub for your home (which is pretty kick ass)

9. Rent a boat and learn to sail .

 I can keep doing these lists, but i don't think people will actually take me on.
I assure you,however, taking a loan for carnival, or putting yourself at a financial disadvantage for a few months for two days of celebrating whatever silly freedoms you think you have, is simply not worth it. Spend your money that will last far longer and will bring in actual long lasting benefits that you can be thankful for.