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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Haven't posted anything in a while, thought it was time to get back to writing.

Thought it was time to get back to doing this shindig of writing my usual squiggles and random thoughts.

So to start off with a bang, here is a random piece of work i did for a lecturer of mine who was asking that i make an ad to display my best attributes to market myself effectively among others. Though to myself, i know this to basically be shameless self promotion (which i hate), but these things can't be helped in life. So to begin and end this wild banter:

Sit down my friends i'll tell you a story, a story on the path that leads to glory!
Behold! The Manuel, this impervious man;
with character so amazing you must shake his hand.
This runner, this fighter this gentleman of steel;
he is a man who is his own ideal!
Don’t wait, make haste!
There is no time to waste;
for he is a man who moves with great pace!
A linguist a philosopher a poet in all;
 you'd be surprised to understand him at all!
 Charismatic, empowering and a way and amazingly strong;
they say he even charmed a bear with a song!
 A justicar for the weak and the frail, he will help them all  regardless of  ails!
He fights evildoers and wrong doers alike;
 for his thundering words will scare them to flight!
“Who is this man, this “Manuel?” people clamour. He is the only  friend the only friend i'll sponsor!
So come and meet the only friend I hold dear,
He will be the one to turn around your despair.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Rant on christians, and religious people in general.

For the devout Christians, who are becoming a slow thorn in my side and a severe migraine when i read you're posts, excuse me while i display and weigh my pantheistic and deist beliefs on the rest of you. After this, we can seriously cut short on the religious discussions for they have gone on long enough,and in a relatively linear direction.
1. God is an omniscient, all powerful, all knowing natural phenomenon, that has the ability to create the universe, galaxies, the solar systems in which we exist in, the suns that give the planets heat and light, the planets we ("we",  being life that exists) and everything else that holds it together.
2. It ("it", being GOD) was supposed to waste his time talking to you/helping you with whatever minute/mundane problems,or whatever else you complain about to it, invalidates our purpose for existing, as our purpose was not to whine and complain to him about mortal problems, we can probably solve on our OWN.
3. As we cannot have a sensible conversation with an ant, think about an all-powerful being like God, would probably view a primitive species like ourselves? You aren't that important, get over yourself
4. Stop with Referencing God, with every other disaster/war/situation/ HUMAN problem that has occurred. The problems we experience as a human race, have collectively happened before, and will happen again, until humanity learns to control it's primitive and borderline idiotic, chaotic and insane nature.
5. If God did have us in his favor, we lost it when we got our asses kicked out of eden, and when we killed his only son. Get over yourselves, our species has alot to learn, and in essence, we are still very stupid and have not changed much since then, (if that fairy tale is true)

Friday, 16 March 2012

I am often confused, if people understand or have at least been informed of the dire situations and circumstances we are experiencing in our Country. Where power,leadership and responsible paragonic examples that leaders are to set at all times, seem to be a mirage of it's former purpose.
Now, it appears that the actions leaders execute, are self-proclaimed by our leaders themselves to be great and tactful moves done by them in favour for the people and the nation. The reality, and the disturbing feature we are presented with, is the shameless self promotion and proclamation, of apparent good deeds, which were not done with the intention of genuinely doing well for others, but with the attempt of shamelessly proclaiming your own greatness from an action that is expected of you, as the position of leadership is not to be served for your efforts, but TO serve because it is your duty to do so, as we are paying you to do.
The leaders of our Country, and the subordinates under those leaders, have blatantly shown us with a pseudo intellectual level of subtle actions, to not care how they wield the power, we the people have bestowed upon them. However, we are also responsible for their actions as we contribute to it.
By the peoples inability, to publicly display to the government (with the exception to a few isolated protests) how much they detest the current level of governance, they have become too pre-occupied or distracted with themselves, or their lives to comprehend that this affects them. People will say, this is wrong, or that is wrong or the stereotypical, "what is happening in my Country?!"
Though we should point fingers and blame our leaders, because they are easy to point and yell at, the real persons we should be pointing and blaming, would be ourselves. The reality is, that this has been happening for far too long, you only glimpse at what is taking place in our country for a split second, only to close your eyes, and look away because the glare is too bright for many of you too see. So you close your eyes, and go back to sleep in your dream world, to party,to drink, to lime, to drive your fancy car, to sleep in your comfortable home, and to impress people you do not even like. You do things, that in reality, serve no purpose even to yourself, when you are not a constant, you and I are temporary entities that have the ability to make the difference, to prevent the difference from happening and leaving things are to rot, or to do nothing at all.

Rome is burning and is being sacked by the barbarians, and you sit by, watching the fires burn brightly thinking it to be pyrotechnics, and the raiders to be actors in a play. wake up from your dream, and wield the sword and shield we are all destined to carry, or rome will fall.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A draft workout for those who need one.

Some of you Trying to lose weight and do not know where to start? Need to find a ground to lose the pounds? I've been working on a few schedules for both fit and the obese, but this one seems to work just about right for everyone. It is a tad ruff, but should be do-able by all. Never forget, that a healthy body has less chances of becoming sick, than an unhealthy one. 
  • A. If you cannot complete one weeks training, repeat the previous weeks training instead.
  • B. A good diet is VERY IMPORTANT. This program will not work without a healthy diet.
  • C. ALWAYS warm up before exercising!
  • D ALWAYS cool down after exercising!
  • E. ALWAYS stretch thoroughly before and after exercising!
  • F. IF you feel DIZZY during this process, take rest immediately, if dizziness persists for the next few hours, consult a doctor/physician  
Week 1
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Morning: 3 sets
  • 10 press ups
  • 15 sit ups
  • 10 tricep dips
  • 10 squat thrusts
  • Monday: 15 minute run with emphasis on powering yourself up hills.
  • Tuesday: 25 min bike ride or 15 min swim or 15 min run if you do not have access to these facilities 
  • Thursday: 15 min run
  • Friday: 25 min bike ride or 15 min swim or  15 min run if you do not have access to these facilities 
  • Saturday: 15 min run
  • Complete each activity with 3 pull-ups (wide grip, overhand)
Week 2:
·  Repeat week 1.
Week 3
  • Do exactly the same as you have been doing, but add 5 reps to each exercise.
  • Add 5 mins to the run, bike and swim.
  • Add 1 rep to the pull-ups.
Week 4
  • Add another 5 reps to each exercise.
  • Add 5 mins to the run, bike and swim.
  • Add 1 rep to the pull-ups.
Week 5
  • Again, do the same as you have been doing, but add 5 reps to each exercise.
  • Add 5 mins to the run, bike and swim.
  • Add 1 rep to the pull-ups.
Week 6
  • Do the same, but again add 5 reps to each exercise.
  • Add 5 mins to the run, bike and swim.
  • Add 1 rep to the pull-ups.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

What's up!

Got the A-ok to train again from my doctor. Sadly though i won't be able to run half marathons off the bat, so i have to start slowly all over again. Though hard training is never good while injured, isometrics is an excellent way to train if you aren't allowed to do anything intensive. Anywho, now that i am back in action, i'll be posting back regularly again. And what better way to start off training with one of the most powerful songs made last year, released with one of the best games made by Ubisoft last year? Assassins creed revelations trailer song! Lets go! 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Not the best week

Started this week terribly. Suffered a concussion and a minor fracture to my left hand. A little bit of downtime, but staying optimistic, as one of Incubus's songs goes, it's just a phase. I hope it will be over soon.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Currently streaming live!

For those of you interested in gaming, or MOBA games like LOL or DotA, im currently streaming a game i'm about to commentate. Take a look!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

tired,but motivated!

Mornings are the greatest challenge to me. I have no problems with the afternoon, but ugh, Mornings feel like everything takes an hour or two to boot. No worries though, 15 minutes jump rope and and 1 hour of weights here i come!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Long distance running tips i've learned

So i was asked yesterday by someone what do you normally require when practicing for a long distance run, so i'll do it in bullet points.
  1. If this is the first time you are practicing long distance running, not to be professional, but to maintain a healthy level of fitness, then you do not need to over-exert yourself on the first run. That leads to an uncomfortable night and a very uncomfortable morning. 
  2. Stretch. Though studies claim this aspect is not required and you can still suffer from injuries,stretching tends to strengthen and prepare your muscles for use,reduces the chance of injury, and strengthens the tendons and nerves that connect to the muscles that tend to rip easily.
  3.  While running, inhale through your nose and exhale through your Mouth. This is my preferred form of circulation.Diaphragmatic  breathing, fills the lower part of you're  lungs, which increases aerobic capacity, reduce stress and eliminates runners cramps .  Also, with practice, allow air to enter and exit through both you're nostrils and mouth which will maximize your O2 consumption 
  4. Posture is key. Slouching or looking down while running, decreases your speed and endurance, as the throat will be slightly compressed, which hinders your breathing. Slouching while running, or running awkwardly with a poor form, causes injury and also reduces performance. 
  5. SHOES. I cannot emphasize enough on footwear. I was around 400 pounds,inexperienced and wanted to learn on my own, and i paid a painful price of severe runners knee and shin splints in the beginning due to poor footwear, which i will let you know in advance, shock shoes are terrible for running. And yes i am talking about those shoes that have those suspension/bubbles that act as shocks. Get shoes that are comfortable, but also allow you to feel the shock of the ground, go to foot locker and use one of the foot sensors they have to recommend you a shoe if you have the convenience or the cash. If not, go to a shoe store and decide long and hard about which shoe would be comfortable.  Personal recommendations would be Acsics Vibram and saucony running shoes, they LAST.  Also, change shoes after 6 months-1year or 600 miles, they do more harm than good after that. 
  6. Avoiding a stitch. This was amazingly simple when i found it out after an accidental discovery. While running, exhale on your left foot. Your diaphragm is moving up and down., constantly putting pressure on the organs in the body, but the liver is the one that usually hurts first,as it is the heaviest organ in the human body. 
  7. Scheduling.  Contrary to popular belief (and montage videos) nobody can start training for a half marathon or a marathon in 1 month, after genuinely being unfit, to being marathon ready, it takes time, and it takes a proper method of steadily increasing your stamina and endurance. Like everything it needs a plan. So This is how i started off. I would dedicated 1 hour to cardiovascular so this is how my schedule looked like: (Don't forget to Stretch!)

    1st week: 5minutes of jogging ,5 minutes of walking rest repeatedly for 1 hour
    2nd week: 10 minutes of jogging, 5 minutes , walking rest repeatedly for 1 hour
    3rd week: 10 minutes of jogging , 4 minutes ,walking rest repeatedly for 1 hour
    4th week: 15 minutes of jogging, 4 minutes of walking rest repeatedly for 1 hour
    5th week: 20 minutes of jogging, 4 minutes of walking rest repeatedly for 1 hour

    Basically You increase your endurance and stamina in stages over a certain period, when you reach the capacity to run for 30 minutes straight, in the 8th week with no rest interval, you are on the wonderful road to becoming a long distance runner. 
  8. Bonus point: High Intesity Interval Training (HIIT) When you reach to a point in running where your distance is good (and you are actually enjoying it and serious about it) start sprint intervals with little rest, or explosive Tabata interval training

    Now that you have finished reading these wonderful tidbits, why are you still here? GO FORTH AND LIVESTRONG! 

Friday, 27 January 2012

If you do not do it now, you may not do it later.....take the risk, don't avoid risks in life to make it safely to death. GO for it

You do not see the signs because you're focused on your own self interest;
You do not see the signs because you're working from 8-4 coming home tired;
You do not see the signs because you're too busy shopping for brand name clothes, shoes and acessories to impress your peers;
You do not see the signs because you're too busy listening to public figure morons babble, you listen to toungs that lie, as you give them both your ears and eyes;
you do not see the signs because you're too busy drinking, liming and clubbing. High and sober;
You do not see the signs because you're riding in your car blasting music;
You do not see the signs because you're saving up for your costume to whine and drink on carnival to impress you're friends by telling them what band you're in;
you do not see the signs because you're in denial
You do not see the signs because you've turned your eye
You do not see the signs because you do not wish to see anything out of the norm
You do not see the signs because you are afraid to turn off  the illsuion of the reality you are living
You do not see the signs because you think there are none at all
You do not see the signs.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Commercialization of memes, and the destruction of creativity

Since the internet's inception, there has always been something new and original one can discover everyday.
Internet users have generated original content for free, most of these products are known as "memes" . An Original style or culture taken in a picture , using a short description to explain the description meant for the memes particular genre to explain a current culture or modern phenomena. It has soon, turned into a form of comic releif, while carrying very light,but serious statements, that provide food for thought as well as contributing to everyone's personal enjoyment. And as free services and content are given to the public, there will always be people who take advantage of what is free, to squeeze in a minor profit .
The original content we have come to love, that was made for free,is being commercialized by those who lack the creativity to even conjure the creativity to contribute to it, and butcher it for the mere goal of self profit.  Though i do appreciate the proposal of increasing awareness for the wonderful world that the internet has created for us all, it must be done in the same fashion, that those before have contributed towards the internet subculture, and that must mean it must not be commercialized.
By commercializing something that was already free, the genre or anything else close to it, has a tendency to destroy any sense of the original purpose of the concept that it was created for. Thus stunting growth in that particular field and causing the original content to fall significantly. It also becomes hypocritical of many companies who claim their work is being stolen from pirates and internet file sharers, and yet they have the nerve to take what the internet has created for free, for the public's personal enjoyment, and make try to profit from it. That is fencing. FAR worse than piracy at the level it is being done at. It hurts and probably destroys the sense of creativity and originality, with the fear that any work they post for free, will be stolen and resold by another
Do not support these companies who lack the brain power to commit to creativity, and have to steal it and claim it as their own to do so. Do not support individuals who carry this act.Companies accuse internet users of piracy, yet no company has been charged or fined for stealing internet content that has been resold, and was created for free by its community.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

all rounded healthy breakfast

Afternoon  people, Hope you guys enjoy this post
I come from the small island of Trinidad and Tobago, where we have a wide variety of fruits and veggies that some of you have never even heard of. Using the little experience i have gained from self taught cooking basics and observing others, i'm going to show you some wonderful breakfasts you can do it home that should be great for your day, your stomach and on your wallet!  
This breakfast was designed for pre and post workout meals for myself after two hours worth of cardio and weight lifting (1 hour each) 

This was my first attempt a while back, i have significantly improved,but if anyone is interested i'll just explain the basics:

Left plate: 
Raw banana and Paw paw (no i am not going to eat the skin  ) 
Paw paw(otherwise known as papaya) . it is Paw Paw is rich in vitamin A and C, and is excellent for weak digestive systems and to help food pass easier. 

Banana: .Awesome source of fiber and vitamin B6, may have alot of sugar, but taking this in with the rest of the foods displayed here, make up for the daily sugar intake one requires for the day when losing weight. ( i made mine when i was 350pounds 26 grams a day tops with 1 monthly cheat day. Im now 260 )

Center Plate: 
Fried plantain with cinnamon: Same values as the banana and as i stated before completes the daily sugar intake required for daily consumption. Cinnamon helps with cognitive function, reaction time and as i have heard from others, is that it makes you feel less hungry, as it slows down the rate at which your stomach empties

EGGS (doesn't matter how ya do it, eggs are just so kick brass!) To me, this is the best part of the meal i was waiting to explain. My coach in the weight loss process. Rich in proteins and fats that are amazing for the body, and help in so many ways for a pre and a post workout meal, depending on how your stomach reacts to eggs 
to do? 
Oil (preferably olive), or butter 1 tbspoon.
pinch of salt for each egg
pinch of ground,white or black pepper (your preference) 
2 eggs (duh) 
Set the frying pan on a stove (of course) set the temp at a medium level and use the oil to spread around the frying pan as much as possible. After 30 seconds of waiting, you can make a gentle crack with the egg (using your hands if you have the dexterity and coordinated strength ) and lightly pour onto the frying pan. Egg does not take any length of time to cook, the same length of time you let the frying pan to heat, is the same time you can use to cook the egg. If you did it perfectly, you can get the egg yolk to form perfectly (not seen in this picture LMFAO, i was a noob back in the day, i'll do another when i get the chance.) As the egg is placed on the pan, get the pinch of salt and black pepper and dress evenly across the egg. 
(also to note, the fats contained in this meal are all good for you. "Fat", has been given a bad word, as everyone wants to lose weight, yet not realizing how crucial it is for you to consume it) 

Raw Tomatoes: My demi god on my journey. This wonder veggie has a compilation of everything you need for the day that dietary supplement users will be jealous of. A decent source of Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6 and an amazing source of Vitamin, A,C and K with potassium and manganese. Compliments with the pawpaw to ease digestion and make the food you have consumed pass easier.

Right bowl
Granola, almonds and corn flakes with skimmed low fat milk: i required something that would maintain the require intake of daily fat use that i follow using the live guide to weight loss, so i added this in, and while following this food pattern has been working like a charm. Completing the necessary intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber i would require for the majority of the day. 

I do not have specific values, ( as i did not weigh or calculate the servings of what i was using (except the eggs banana and the pawpaw) but i would provide the list of what i get out of this breakfast. 
Vitamin A
Vitamin B5,6,12
Vitamin C
vitamin D
Vitamin E
Fats(Monounsaturated fat,Polyunsaturated fat,and saturated fat) 
Pantothenic Acid

Anywho, if anyone has any questions they would like answered try me! Anywho, enjoy your day and LIVE STRONG!

Monday, 16 January 2012

The change that was made for the better, made worse by lesser men.

72 years ago, a war was required in order to stop the oppression of Europe and China. It was justified to fight that war, as it would've endangered the future of the rest of the world. 72 years later, No war, to this date, has had a justified reason for being necessary. It saddens me to know that i live in a generation, where the last vets who genuinely fought to protect their country and others will die, while other vets who have fought for unjustified wars, during the time of the illusion of democracy and freedom, forming into a  policed run Country, controlled by corporatocracy. I can understand now why Metal Gear Solid 4's perception on war being run by companies and mercenaries now. I can understand why 1984 was written. Because this is the world we live in now, and rather than people seeing the horror of it and understanding it, continue with the perception that  REAL democracy and capitalism and their freedoms still exist.
Not only has war changed, economics, finance, religion and people have changed in a direction where events do not happen randomly, it can be controlled by people who have the resources to do so.  Though people think that is a joke, it is a terrible reality.
The world has changed, making us all assume that we as individuals, are more self-important,more powerful, more influential than others, pinning us to fight, compete and betray against one another in jobs,schools,social cliques and groups. We all want to drive the hottest car, play the loudest and most popular music for attention to boost our self importance and status, when in reality, we all can be  free thinkers and individuals if we chose to be so, rather than simply being a follower of things,concepts viewpoints and religion, where if you search and siphon through the endless information to not be true. Never consider yourself above anyone, despite what you have, never consider anyone below you, because of their disabilities, accept the fact that we are human beings that are all on a same level that think differently, and our thoughts no matter how ridiculous it can be,should be respected. So rather than arguing,fighting and competing with one another, we  should be helping and assisting each other grow into an individuals that helps make our society and our Country grow. Rather than sit down and bitch about it.
If people stay in this dreamlike state of becoming the most important and most powerful, you will not realize that these things we put so much value on, have a time limit.  Money,status,power, and fame, can be lost or taken within days or seconds.
So to close, never consider yourself above anyone, despite what you have, never consider anyone below you, because of their disabilities, accept the fact that we are human beings that are all on a same level that think differently from others, do not fight amongst one another for one simple object,person,title or issue. And rather than fight over trivial pointless issues, try and find a way to resolve them. You as an individual are not worthless or powerless. You have a voice, two hands,two legs a mind, and most importantly a heart. Seek not self interest, but how you can benefit others, even if they refuse, still try, explain, not convince that his way of life can be improved as long as he understands his own capacity as a man. And never forget, there exist forces who can  control and  influence, media, politics, economics, finance, stock markets and people. Because, money as many of us,who are still foolish enough to chase after paper worth .28 cents, can be bought. Do not under any circumstance, end up like this, do not end up as how they want and expect you to be. Be yourself, not someone that you see doing.