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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Haven't posted anything in a while, thought it was time to get back to writing.

Thought it was time to get back to doing this shindig of writing my usual squiggles and random thoughts.

So to start off with a bang, here is a random piece of work i did for a lecturer of mine who was asking that i make an ad to display my best attributes to market myself effectively among others. Though to myself, i know this to basically be shameless self promotion (which i hate), but these things can't be helped in life. So to begin and end this wild banter:

Sit down my friends i'll tell you a story, a story on the path that leads to glory!
Behold! The Manuel, this impervious man;
with character so amazing you must shake his hand.
This runner, this fighter this gentleman of steel;
he is a man who is his own ideal!
Don’t wait, make haste!
There is no time to waste;
for he is a man who moves with great pace!
A linguist a philosopher a poet in all;
 you'd be surprised to understand him at all!
 Charismatic, empowering and a way and amazingly strong;
they say he even charmed a bear with a song!
 A justicar for the weak and the frail, he will help them all  regardless of  ails!
He fights evildoers and wrong doers alike;
 for his thundering words will scare them to flight!
“Who is this man, this “Manuel?” people clamour. He is the only  friend the only friend i'll sponsor!
So come and meet the only friend I hold dear,
He will be the one to turn around your despair.