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Friday, 16 March 2012

I am often confused, if people understand or have at least been informed of the dire situations and circumstances we are experiencing in our Country. Where power,leadership and responsible paragonic examples that leaders are to set at all times, seem to be a mirage of it's former purpose.
Now, it appears that the actions leaders execute, are self-proclaimed by our leaders themselves to be great and tactful moves done by them in favour for the people and the nation. The reality, and the disturbing feature we are presented with, is the shameless self promotion and proclamation, of apparent good deeds, which were not done with the intention of genuinely doing well for others, but with the attempt of shamelessly proclaiming your own greatness from an action that is expected of you, as the position of leadership is not to be served for your efforts, but TO serve because it is your duty to do so, as we are paying you to do.
The leaders of our Country, and the subordinates under those leaders, have blatantly shown us with a pseudo intellectual level of subtle actions, to not care how they wield the power, we the people have bestowed upon them. However, we are also responsible for their actions as we contribute to it.
By the peoples inability, to publicly display to the government (with the exception to a few isolated protests) how much they detest the current level of governance, they have become too pre-occupied or distracted with themselves, or their lives to comprehend that this affects them. People will say, this is wrong, or that is wrong or the stereotypical, "what is happening in my Country?!"
Though we should point fingers and blame our leaders, because they are easy to point and yell at, the real persons we should be pointing and blaming, would be ourselves. The reality is, that this has been happening for far too long, you only glimpse at what is taking place in our country for a split second, only to close your eyes, and look away because the glare is too bright for many of you too see. So you close your eyes, and go back to sleep in your dream world, to party,to drink, to lime, to drive your fancy car, to sleep in your comfortable home, and to impress people you do not even like. You do things, that in reality, serve no purpose even to yourself, when you are not a constant, you and I are temporary entities that have the ability to make the difference, to prevent the difference from happening and leaving things are to rot, or to do nothing at all.

Rome is burning and is being sacked by the barbarians, and you sit by, watching the fires burn brightly thinking it to be pyrotechnics, and the raiders to be actors in a play. wake up from your dream, and wield the sword and shield we are all destined to carry, or rome will fall.