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Monday, 10 June 2013

Startup weekend and the development of the game "doubles tycoon"

It's been a long time, but i suppose this event that had the pleasure of experiencing would make up for my grossing levels of inactivity. So i'll start with what happened 4 weeks ago.
On May 22nd, 2013, the Faculty of Engineering at The University of the West Indies hosted Start-Up Weekend Trinidad and Tobago (SWTT). start up weekend is an organization created for the purpose of networking possible leaders, developers,designers and entrepreneurs of every field,  with the desire to empower, inspire, create and flourish an idea, individuals, teams and a community via the formation of teams and starting up ideas.   It was the first time that the 3-day event was held in Trinidad and Tobago.  As the organizers joked, it was scheduled with the “Trinidadian ” in mind- being held from Wednesday to Friday, rather than Friday to Sunday as is customary.
There were over 120 participants that formed over 16 teams to pitch,conceptualize and bring their idea into reality. I worked with the programmers Kris Manohar, Keshav Bahadoor, Sterling Kevin Ramroach, and Rachel Yen Chong, the designers Rene holder from Lab 206 studios in Trinidad and Rishma Helena Hansil, and one of the business entrepreneurs Gyasi Pablo Ambrose. Working on one of the first mobile application games to be published on the google play store, which then went on to become the top ten most played and available games on the google play store, known as "doubles tycoon"

Possibly one of the most well rounded team i've ever had the benefit of working with in a long time, as we all were aware of what we had to do, what required to be produced within two days and passionate in our respective fields. A well experienced and versed in our respective fields, my old legal/financial experience, combined with my verse knowledge of the gaming industry and it's respective revenue and marketing models, Gyasi's experience  in social media marketing, Sterling, Kris, and Keshav's outstanding programming qualifications and experience in game development and Rene and Rashmi's excellent ability to quickly and effectively generating concept,user interface and 2-d animation, served as an extremely well balanced meal to bring in front of a Panel of judges that I presented to a panel of expert judges, being versed in the field of programming,art design and financial investment to be in the top 3 teams (placing 2nd) 

Though now it is nothing more than a memory, it's impact on me has been well placed on the importance of understanding how to work with capable and effective individuals that can teach you many things about your character and your capacity to put out what you are truly passionate about.

For those interested ( and with an android phone) here is the link leading to the download
It's free