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Thursday, 19 January 2012

all rounded healthy breakfast

Afternoon  people, Hope you guys enjoy this post
I come from the small island of Trinidad and Tobago, where we have a wide variety of fruits and veggies that some of you have never even heard of. Using the little experience i have gained from self taught cooking basics and observing others, i'm going to show you some wonderful breakfasts you can do it home that should be great for your day, your stomach and on your wallet!  
This breakfast was designed for pre and post workout meals for myself after two hours worth of cardio and weight lifting (1 hour each) 

This was my first attempt a while back, i have significantly improved,but if anyone is interested i'll just explain the basics:

Left plate: 
Raw banana and Paw paw (no i am not going to eat the skin  ) 
Paw paw(otherwise known as papaya) . it is Paw Paw is rich in vitamin A and C, and is excellent for weak digestive systems and to help food pass easier. 

Banana: .Awesome source of fiber and vitamin B6, may have alot of sugar, but taking this in with the rest of the foods displayed here, make up for the daily sugar intake one requires for the day when losing weight. ( i made mine when i was 350pounds 26 grams a day tops with 1 monthly cheat day. Im now 260 )

Center Plate: 
Fried plantain with cinnamon: Same values as the banana and as i stated before completes the daily sugar intake required for daily consumption. Cinnamon helps with cognitive function, reaction time and as i have heard from others, is that it makes you feel less hungry, as it slows down the rate at which your stomach empties

EGGS (doesn't matter how ya do it, eggs are just so kick brass!) To me, this is the best part of the meal i was waiting to explain. My coach in the weight loss process. Rich in proteins and fats that are amazing for the body, and help in so many ways for a pre and a post workout meal, depending on how your stomach reacts to eggs 
to do? 
Oil (preferably olive), or butter 1 tbspoon.
pinch of salt for each egg
pinch of ground,white or black pepper (your preference) 
2 eggs (duh) 
Set the frying pan on a stove (of course) set the temp at a medium level and use the oil to spread around the frying pan as much as possible. After 30 seconds of waiting, you can make a gentle crack with the egg (using your hands if you have the dexterity and coordinated strength ) and lightly pour onto the frying pan. Egg does not take any length of time to cook, the same length of time you let the frying pan to heat, is the same time you can use to cook the egg. If you did it perfectly, you can get the egg yolk to form perfectly (not seen in this picture LMFAO, i was a noob back in the day, i'll do another when i get the chance.) As the egg is placed on the pan, get the pinch of salt and black pepper and dress evenly across the egg. 
(also to note, the fats contained in this meal are all good for you. "Fat", has been given a bad word, as everyone wants to lose weight, yet not realizing how crucial it is for you to consume it) 

Raw Tomatoes: My demi god on my journey. This wonder veggie has a compilation of everything you need for the day that dietary supplement users will be jealous of. A decent source of Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6 and an amazing source of Vitamin, A,C and K with potassium and manganese. Compliments with the pawpaw to ease digestion and make the food you have consumed pass easier.

Right bowl
Granola, almonds and corn flakes with skimmed low fat milk: i required something that would maintain the require intake of daily fat use that i follow using the live guide to weight loss, so i added this in, and while following this food pattern has been working like a charm. Completing the necessary intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber i would require for the majority of the day. 

I do not have specific values, ( as i did not weigh or calculate the servings of what i was using (except the eggs banana and the pawpaw) but i would provide the list of what i get out of this breakfast. 
Vitamin A
Vitamin B5,6,12
Vitamin C
vitamin D
Vitamin E
Fats(Monounsaturated fat,Polyunsaturated fat,and saturated fat) 
Pantothenic Acid

Anywho, if anyone has any questions they would like answered try me! Anywho, enjoy your day and LIVE STRONG!