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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Commercialization of memes, and the destruction of creativity

Since the internet's inception, there has always been something new and original one can discover everyday.
Internet users have generated original content for free, most of these products are known as "memes" . An Original style or culture taken in a picture , using a short description to explain the description meant for the memes particular genre to explain a current culture or modern phenomena. It has soon, turned into a form of comic releif, while carrying very light,but serious statements, that provide food for thought as well as contributing to everyone's personal enjoyment. And as free services and content are given to the public, there will always be people who take advantage of what is free, to squeeze in a minor profit .
The original content we have come to love, that was made for free,is being commercialized by those who lack the creativity to even conjure the creativity to contribute to it, and butcher it for the mere goal of self profit.  Though i do appreciate the proposal of increasing awareness for the wonderful world that the internet has created for us all, it must be done in the same fashion, that those before have contributed towards the internet subculture, and that must mean it must not be commercialized.
By commercializing something that was already free, the genre or anything else close to it, has a tendency to destroy any sense of the original purpose of the concept that it was created for. Thus stunting growth in that particular field and causing the original content to fall significantly. It also becomes hypocritical of many companies who claim their work is being stolen from pirates and internet file sharers, and yet they have the nerve to take what the internet has created for free, for the public's personal enjoyment, and make try to profit from it. That is fencing. FAR worse than piracy at the level it is being done at. It hurts and probably destroys the sense of creativity and originality, with the fear that any work they post for free, will be stolen and resold by another
Do not support these companies who lack the brain power to commit to creativity, and have to steal it and claim it as their own to do so. Do not support individuals who carry this act.Companies accuse internet users of piracy, yet no company has been charged or fined for stealing internet content that has been resold, and was created for free by its community.